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After upgrades what to Do next

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Como Usar a Internet Intro

Como Usar a Internet Intro Servi├žos de Treino e Online Marketing em Portugu├¬s

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How-to use Pure Leverage autoresponder

How to use Pure Leverage autoresponder - this is the first of 3 videos tutorials showing you how setup your autoresponder using Pure Leverage level 1 marketing suite

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pure Leverage Review Internet Marketing Tools

Pure Leverage internet Marketing Tools Review

Pure Leverage website

But if referring Pure Leverage internet marketing tools is not for you that's OK too as you can use only the tools yourself.
Professional Authority Blog and Website
A professional auto responder service, better than aweber or getresponse!
An amazing video email service
A conference room, similar to GoTomeeting
Pure Leverage internet marketing training
Plus so much more...

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Easy video suite for 50 percent off on your software easyvideosuite

Easy video suite for 50 percent off on your software easy video suite by Josh Bartlett
only at and If you'd like to know how video marketing would look like in a perfect world...

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A world where you could record, edit, publish, market and track all of your videos with just
ONE easy-to-use system... (And thus, see a huge increase in profits)
Then this is going to be the most important video you have ever watched.

Let me explain...

Until now, the imperfect world of video marketing possibly has looked like this to you:

 #1 You first record your video Either your computer screen or with a video camera)

#2 Then you edit your video With the same software or perhaps import it into different video editing software)

#3 You now hope and pray that when you export your video, it looks great and the file size isn't too big.
(And maybe you're continually searching on the web or asking around about the perfect export settings for web video)

#4 Perhaps, if you use certain video players or wordpress themes, you export it once again to have a version for smartphones and other mobile devices.
(Typically, they have one field for your regular video and other field for a mobile version)

 #5 Now it could be time to use handbrake or some other video compression software, to yet again, make sure the file size isn't too big and it's in the right format.

#6 It's now time to use FTP, Amazon S3, YouTube or some other service to upload your video.

#7 Time to go login to your video sharing account and grab your embed code.

#8 And last but not least, you need to paste this video embed code onto your web page or blog.
Sounds good, doesn't it?

What a waste of time, money and energy!

If you want to find out how you can eliminate all these headaches... record, edit, publish, market and track all of your videos with ONE ridiculously simple system, then watch this video right now.
Because here's the deal...

My friend Joshua Bartlett is the creator of the most widely-used video player in marketing called Easy Video Player.

Rather than adding some additional "cool" features and relaunching it, he did something unheard of...
Josh took two years and invested multiple, six figures of his own money to create the
ultimate video marketing solution called... EasyVideoSuite

Feedback from tens of thousands of his satisfied customers gave him an exact blueprint of how video marketing would look in a perfect world.

In a perfect world, you would use just ONE ridiculously simple video solution to  record, edit, publish, market and track all your videos. (Saving you a lot of time and money)
Having to try and "duct-tape" three or more pieces of software to "try" and get the same results would be a thing of the past.

You would simply drag and drop your videos into the EasyVideoSuite desktop ap (Compatible for both the PC and the Mac), and this would happen to them:

#1 They would be perfectly optimized for the web.

#2 They would have the right file format.#

#3 Your videos would all be viewable on all smart phones and mobile devices.

 #4 They would be already uploaded.

#5 A video page would already be created.

 #6 An embed code would immediately be available for pasting onto your site or blog.

#7 All your videos would automatically be tracked while EasyVideoSuite runs your entire video marketing campaign.  (This is as close to autopilot as it gets...)

So here's what you do now...

To see Josh demonstrate how video marketing in a perfect world looks by using EasyVideoSuite, watch this video right now.

Talk soon,
Jose Nunes

P.S. There's a reason why top marketers like Mike Filsame, Ryan Deiss and others use EasyVideoPlayer and now Easy Video Suite when they have access to every possible solution and resources to pay for them...  and it's not because Josh is their friend.

The reason is simple - - PROFIT. Because no other solution helps you quickly ramp up the profitability of your videos like Easy Video Suite does...