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About My online video blog news..
This blog is run by Jose Nunes, an official You-Tube partner and member of the Google affiliate network and a certified internet marketing professional and eBay partner.

The aim of My online video blog news is to share network marketing information from Jose's personal experiences.

Jose arrived in the UK back in 2002 and even though he couldn't speak a word of  English it didn't take more than just 3 to 4 months before the internet bug got to Jose

But first things first he had to learn to speak some English to start off and that took about 1 year just to get the basics.

Jose began online back in 2004, back then Jose's first business models were MLM,  door to door sales, cold calling then came the affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, eBay,  blogging etc.

My online video blog news was created to share what Jose has learned over this time and what's working right now through articles and video.

This video below will show you how to make the most out of  My online video blog news.

Online video blog by Jose Nunes where you can learn internet marketing for free, no opt in required. no nonsense just common sense. Here is the link to my online video blog http://www.evideoacademy.com/ Jose is making a full time income online yet without building an illegal list and bombarding subscribers with false claims and empty promises.

Here you will learn how to create a website, blogs, videos, SEO, internet marketing campaigns and how to promote affiliate offers legally without being penalized by the search engines for creating and publishing misleading information, following simple guidelines can really make a difference as to how your content is displayed to the general public online, build trust with search engines and the online community.

In internet marketing in general if you fail to show the search engines that you mean no harm to the online user then you will fail at anything simply because if the search engines like Google, YouTube, yhaoo and bing won't protect the online user then who will?

By implementing the information, I'm sharing on my Online Video Blog, you will be able to create your own online marketing success at a much faster pace.

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