Monday, 26 March 2012

Online video marketing production

We can put a video of your business on the web this week!

Special offer for local businesses wanting to get their business on YouTube.

We will create a up to three minutes online video marketing showcasing your business, telling potential customers what you offer, where you can be found, and how and why to contact you. After creation, your marketing video will be uploaded to YouTube and other web video sharing sites, and you will be provided a mastercopy which can be added to your web site and facebook page.

I'm a genuine You-Tube partner verifiable here ( ) I don't advertise get rich quick schemes or scams, adult content, or any misleading information. Period "Are You For Real" Please do get in touch... We're here to help.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Online video marketing intro

Online Video Marketing - How To Get Started.

If you're just getting started with "online video marketing", then I can completely understand if you're so daunted by the whole prospect. Many people ask me the questions of, "Well Tom, how do I get started?", "What do I specifically need to do?", many people are worried about how they'll come across on camera & whether they will look like a quivering wreck? Many people are confused with what to do with the videos once they have been created, how to distribute them across the whole of the internet & get loads of traffic back to their website.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Online video marketing

Online video marketing tips by Jose Nunes. How to get started with video marketing or hire Jose to get the video done for you by going to my new website at and check out my video marketing portfolio. 
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From time to time, I also upload videos about my hobby which is flying radio controlled helicopters and other interesting videos like software tutorials, how to create websites and so much more. Click Here to subscribe to my You-Tube channel and get free online video updates.

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